Is this bracelet still available at LV boutiques?..

  1. I love it:heart:
  2. I really don't know, but if you have a SA, then you can ask her, if not, try calling the 1866 number and ask about it! They will check and tell if another store has it or something.
  3. isnt that the charm bracelet? It still avaliable i think its perminant? you pick which charms you want its very very expencive, each charm is sold separately at around $13 000 or so lol, so you cna imagine how expencive that one must be
  4. Yeah, most or some of those charms can be found on eLux... just type in "Louis Vuitton Charm"... that is such a dazzling bracelet... :biggrin:
  5. Thank you guys for info, I will check them out ;)
  6. :wtf: you were right!! they are really expensive, I better move on with this lemming.:sad:
  7. i think the whole set is more along 50k,
  8. I want her hat!
  9. Very cute but very pricey for a bracelet.
  10. It's super expensive. For a similar look, check out the pastilles bag charm/bracelet!
  11. That is so cute! I love it :biggrin: I wish it wasn't so expensive though..
  12. I know! It's so gorgeous! If only it wasn't so much... Sigh.
  13. It´s gorgeous!