Is this Boy rare?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I purchased a used Boy a few weeks ago and struggle to really love it. I'm finding it's alittle bland, but at the same time don't want to sell him incase he is rare and hard to find again. I like the caviar Boy's but find that they don't really wow me either :sad:

    He's from the 2013 year (#18xxx), black calfskin with rhuthenium hardware.


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  2. I have this exact boy bag from 2013, it is very casual because of the large quilting and easy to wear because the ruthenium hardware. I also have the Black with gold in lambskin but i always end up reaching for this one. But if u don't love it, I don't think u should keep it. I saw the new Caviar boy too, it didn't wow me either but I did purchase a red caviar boy WOC because somehow smaller in size sold me on this combo. Maybe u r looking for the older version of the caviar leather boy bag? maybe u should wait for ur perfect combo:smile:
  3. It's very pretty, and a classic combination. Calfskin is also pretty easy maintenance, so keep it!
  4. If you don't love it, why keep it, even if it is "rare?"
  5. You need to love it otherwise just let it go :smile:
  6. I tend to agree that some of the black caviar or calf Boys look a bit 'bland'. I think those that like them go for the understated look and the durability. IMO these bags look best in color or with a bit more detail. If you are only keeping it as it's considered rare, I'd sell it.
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  7. I think I'm just trying to find a reason to keep this Boy :sad: I have a 12A red jumbo that I hardly use, but keep as it's considered rare as well.