Is this Botkier bianca authentic or fake?

  1. its not new though? it has pen marks ! if its any help the 299 BIN silver banca is real - my friend bought from the guy alan his stuff is perfect! it all depedns if you want new or used i guess - i guess bone gets dirty pretty quickly too
  2. Does anyone know if there are many fake Botkier Bianca at eBay? I can't tell the difference:blush:
  3. Personally, I'm afraid to buy a bag from eBay these days. There are so many fakes. I'd just rather look around for a good sale.
  4. I just compared it with my Bianca and it looks pretty real. It is hard to tell by pictures whether it is really fake or authentic (Can tell by texture of leather, color of hardware and esp. in the overall quality etc.). It's apparent that it is used mainly because of the pen marks inside. Be sure when you purchase bags from eBay you ask specific questions. I like to always ask if not stated in the description: Where was the bag initially purchased from and can you prove its purchase with the original receipt? Why are you selling this bag? Does it come with all necessary replacement parts, dust bag and authenticity cards? Are there any defects, damages, tears or rips? etc, etc.... I get really specific but those are a few questions I happen to always ask if it's not stated. I'm sure they started manufacturing fake Bianca's because they have become so popular (or they will in the near future). There are plenty of fake Triggers, Clydes E/W and eBay so just ask all the appropriate questions. :tup: Hope the little that I know helps?!