Is this blue the Blue Roi?

  1. I digged out an old pics from Diabro, this color is no longer online. Love this blue. I checked the reference library, my best guess is blue roi. What do you think?:confused1:

  2. :yes:It sure is Bleu Roi/Blueberry. The Part time was first realeased in FW 06, so that quickly narrows it down...I remember seeing this on Diabro months ago.
  3. looks like blueberry to me too :yes:

    proceeed with caution though... check out my thread on a Disappointing Day. My Blueberry from NM arrived with handles that had been leached of all color and finish: horrible.
  4. Thanks incoralblue and hmwe46! I don't know whether it is till possible to get this color from BalNY, but I will try.
    hmwe46- It is terrible that you received your blueburry day in that condition. To me it looks like a bag with defects or a used bag. I just hope the brand new blueberry will look more decent.
  5. I think this bag is brand new: it really shows no signs of wear at all (no scratching and the leather on the bottom is glossy and buttery soft). I think that the handles either came that way, or maybe were stored sticking out of the dustbag and dried out further :shurgs:

    I hope your blueberry is PERFECT! :yes: The color is stunning.
  6. that bag is gorgeous!
  7. I love the blueberry color...good luck with your bag and the parttime is such a nice size too!