Is this Blue Jean Croc?

  1. I saw this on Mika's Blog! :nuts:

    Could this be Blue Jean glazed Niloticus Croc?



  2. In another blog posting, Mika modelled two croc 30cm Birkins. One of them looks like the BJ croc birkin :smile:



  3. Can't see the pics, gigi.
  4. ok, I try again :smile: Thanks, tricia! :flowers:
    20070724180237.jpg 20070724180336.jpg 20070724180400.jpg 20070726164348.jpg 20070726162829.jpg
  5. You're welcome. The bag is gorgeous!!!
  6. Lordy, that is a stunner.
  7. WOW, thanks for posting, gigi. :drool::drool::drool: Gorgeous!

    I've reposted gina's colour comparison pic between Bleu Roi Croc and Bleu Brighton Croc.

    Do they look anywhere close or similar? If not, then the chances of it being BJ goes up, yes?
    Bleu Roi vs BB on porosus croc.jpg
  8. The colour is definitely more subtle and lighter than Blue Roi. It could indeed be Blue Jean croc. Also the white stitching is similar to that which normally accompanies BJ bags.
  9. yes, i think it is! i only saw BJ croc in matte finish - but the color does look the same. yummy!
  10. OK, I did a re-capture of the 3 blues .... you've gotten me very excited, gigi!

    tokyogirl, we so need your translation for us. Woo Hooo? Where arrrrrre Yoooooouuuuu? Can you please advise us what is the colour of this croc?
    The Blues.jpg
  11. Thank you, pazt and baghag21!

  12. Thanks gigi_leung for posting those lovely pics.:flowers:
    Thanks mrssparkles for the blue comparisons. Very tempting. Am thinking a Kelly in one of these hues :graucho:
  13. Too much excitement. I was about to go to bed. LOVE these blues.
  14. That has gotta be the prettiest colour in birkin croc IMHO :girlsigh:
  15. :greengrin:

    Has the pics changed your mind about owning a Blue Jean bag, MrsS? :graucho:

    Oh, and thanks for the comparison pic between the blues! If it is indeed Blue Jean, it really lives up to its name. The color really looks like blue denim jeans.