Is this Black Balenciaga Motorcycle Classic bag Worth buying?

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  1. it asks for about Euro 850 per piece for the Motorcycle.

    Please forgive my not going to post all details about the company, due to business consideration. This is a popular forum, others who are also interested in this business can easily get this resource which I spent lots of time and a certain amount of $ to obtain. Hope you can understand.

    So I am thinking using the alternative. On one hand, you can have a sense about its offering, on the other hand, you can also help me detect whether this is a reliable company.:shame:

    attached is a stock list from its boutiques, they are trying to make spaces for upcoming stocks. The first one is for Chloe, second for Gucci, and the third for Fendi. it is a take-all offer for each brand. Since that involves lot of $$$$, I am not able to take the offer right now.

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  2. So that means that my anthracite paddy color = 086; model = S403 costs a retailer $1195euro?

    Let's see euro to $ = $1436.38 = so a retailer would only stand to profit $283.62 USD. (if bag is sold at $1720)

    $284 is just under 20% - in retail land that is a crappy profit margin.

    I would like to know what it costs to make one of these bags; the costs of goods sold equation after all expenses. :suspiciou

    Okay, someone needs to check their Chloe tag against that list - because the anthracite paddys are sold for more than the regular paddys; but, on that list all paddys had the same sale price. Can anyone find their paddy on that list based on your tag?
  3. (ROTFLMAO!):lol:
  4. Loganz: Those prices seem to be Italian retail, not cost. Did you buy your paddy from LVR or here in the States? That would be a terrible margin, 20%.
  5. I bought my paddy from NAP - the anthracite paddys retail at $1720 in the states and that is also what NAP charged.
  6. LVR metallic paddy is: 1245 euro right now, can't remember if that was the price for the anthracite or not. So that is: $1245 (minus the VAT plus the exchange rate). $60 shipping, 10% customs, still quite a bit less than NAP if they are the same price. Since NAP is British, more expensive.