Is this Black Balenciaga Motorcycle Classic bag Worth buying?


Jan 23, 2006
Just receive this offer, the HOT Balenciaga motorcycle. I plan to order some pieces from this supplier, but the only concern is it only comes with Black. I know black is very classic and versatile, but I was wondering if I buy in, say, 5 pieces, will them sell fast?

Ladies, I need to place the order this afternoon, pls give me your advice!


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older, not wiser
Dec 16, 2005
Out of curiosity - these bags are not legit are they?

If you are a legit boutique you do not need to come and ask for forum members' opinions on how to stock your shop?

It is clear to me that if you desire to buy 5 pieces, as you say, you are buying 5 fake bags. Any fake bag is not worth anything so you should not buy them because they will not sell.


Jan 23, 2006
The supplier is a well established Italian Company who owns 13 boutiques in Europe. I feel so lucky that my friend introduced me this company because its stuff is quite in season, authenticity is not a question here. My friend has been its loyal customer for over three years (She runs a online store back in my country).

Indeed, I purchased a wholesaler list few months ago, and many recommended sellers actually order from this company. I found out later after I join their mailing list, their offers usually come right after the offer from this Italian supplier, and exactly the same.

I don't know whether "supplier" is an appropriate word. Should I use distributor or what:shame: Bare with my English:smile:


Jan 25, 2006
If this supplier/distributer is so wonderful, why dont you give us more info. on her/him and we (forum members) can do some work ups on them. If they are truely legit, Im sure you would have no problem with that right?


Jan 23, 2006
As for Loganz's question:

I am not a boutique owner (wish I could be in ther future, though), I just opened an online store on Dec 2005 back in my country, and tried several means to find reliable companies From whom I can order authentic products.

To be frank, I have been keeping receiving this company's emails with a"wait-n-see" attitude, since their minimum order quantity is larger than others, and for two or three times, I tried to order something after pondering, the bags were gone!

I myself never bought or sold anything fake, it's my personal morality. The reason why I trust my friend's recommendation is she herself is a loyal fan of authentic designer handbags, and believe purchasing or selling fake bags are degrading.

I posted my concern in the forum, not because I doubt its authenticity. As I have mentioned above, I was just wondering whether the black color will be sold well.

Compared with you ladies, I am no bag expert as you are. But from all the discussion, I do learn a lot and my love for designer bags keeps growing, and I feel very comfortable to ask any questions here, because I know I will get the most honest answers here.