Is this biarritz in US stores?

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Yes - I saw a few in McLean Boutique.
  3. wheres that? what colour did you see please?
  4. does anyone know how much the retail price for Biarritz?
    thanks:p this bag is kind of cute..i like it a lot

  5. The large one in the picture (that's me, by the way, LOL) was $1,475.00.
  6. thanks, what a gorgeous bag, you look good too by the way.
    so how do you like this bag, I 've heard some people have mixed feeling about this bag. I personally like it.:drool::yes:

  7. I hope you don't mind that I "borrowed" your photo -- I was so excited. :heart:
  8. NYCBella- Thank you! I love this bag. It's the perfect bad-weather/travel bag that you don't have to be paranoid about ruining. Most people have mixed feelings about non-leather bags in general, I guess, because it's considered quite expensive for a bag that is canvas. But it IS Chanel, and you ARE paying for the name, but it is a Chanel that you don't have to worry about destroying if you are out in the snow/rain or you are traveling and knocking it around quite a bit. I think it's worth it to have a Chanel that I can use for times like this.

    Lulilu- I don't mind a bit, I just think I look silly. :p I hope you find one! Post pics when you do!
  9. I was at the store a few hours ago. There are several bags in different size both in black and gray. You can call Farah at (703) 847-0555. Tell her Jackie sent you. She just ordered a beautiful red soho flap for me. This is a Chanel Boutique in Tysons Galleria McLean, Virginia.
  10. Bulletproofsoul, I think you look fabulous!:woohoo: I didn't care much about the bag till I saw your pic. Combined with how you feel about it, now I'm soooo tempted to get one as a Christmas present for my ma. She travels a lot for her work but never packs much. I'm thinking it would be almost perfect carry on bag for her. I guess I now just have to search everywhere to get one on time... :sweatdrop: