Is this beauty a Muse, and if so,what size?

  1. Hello YSL ladies,

    Is this lovely bag a muse, and what size is it? Is it patent or normal? TIA!

  2. Hi! There are two similar YSL bags, the muse and the yse. That one is a muse. It is probably the large size (unless she is teeny). I can't tell from the pic, but it looks like buffale leather. Hope that helps!
  3. It's definitely a muse. But I'm not sure on the sizing... it's either a medium or the large. The shape doesn't look like an OS.
  4. It looks like Muse in Large size to me
  5. Thanks! I wonder what other colors the muse comes in... I don't have a single black bag, most of mine are pink, red, etc. I wonder if a classic black bag is a wardrobe must-have... Is the Muse a classic style?
  6. ^I think so! I've had my muse for more than 1 year now and still love it:tup:! You can pair it with suits as well as t-shirt and jeans. I would definitely recommend a large black one (hehe that's the one I have) because it's a classic structured bag that will last for a lifetime. :smile: And best of all, people of all ages carry this bag... I'm in my 20s and I've also seen women in their 50s with the same bag.
  7. ^ Seems like a good investment then... on the hunt for one!

  8. I saw a black medium Muse yesterday at the grocery store. I was struck by how stylish and timeless it looked. Beautiful shape.I have not worn my large Muse in some time but pulled it out to wear today after seeing it look so great!
  9. I agree, it does look lovely... Planning on one now!