Is this Balenciaga color still available?

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  1. Hi,

    As some of you may know, I was about to return my white Med City I bought b/c I'm too worried about keeping it clean. I happened to browse eBay and saw a color called 'Dolma Green' and really like it. Do you happen to know if some of the older season's are available in stores? And for those of you who are familiar w/this color, how is it in real life? It's this color I'm referring to:
  2. To the best of my knowledge you cannot find the prior season's colors in the stores.

    I do daily Ebay searches for Rouge and Calcaire b-bags :sad2: (in the First size)

    Anyway, that color looks gorgeous kind of a gray-green. I have the origan (this season mossy green) and looking at that City makes me "green" with envy.:biggrin:
  3. Keep your eye on e-bay. You can't get previous seasons colors in stores, but I found my First in 05' apple green and my City 04' Lilac. They are awsome.
  4. Loganz,

    Can you please provide a picture of what this season's green looks like? I'm interesed in beigish, or muted green colors that I can match easily w/jeans and casual wear. Thanks!
  5. i can't remember exactly how to do it (myebay section, i think), but you can set up ebay to email you when a new auction comes up that matches one of the 'favorite searches' that you set. that's how i found my pewter b-bag!
  6. Here is the origan - taken on the day I got it, intentionally photographed near a plant so that you can see the differences in green tones.

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  7. O'really - :idea:

    Thanks Amanda, I had no idea...:biggrin:
  8. Thanks so much Loganz! OMG...that color is very nice. From the picture, it doesn't seen to have too much green bright tone to it, which I love. I was looking for khaki green kind of color and it seems pretty close~~I'm going to check it out this weekend. It's beautiful~~hope you enjoy it!
  9. The URL, is a very good place to check on all the Balenciaga colors (prior seasons & current).

    Not only does this identify the color (pretty close match), but the Year and Season. This is one of the ways that you can check on some of the 'scammers' because they oftentimes they screw up on the Year/Season/Color combination.