is this bag worth a thousand dollars?

  1. i really like this line, in fact, it's my favorite prada line. i really love this tote, bit i would hate to pay over retail for it or over pay at all if it's on sale anywhere. what do you all think?

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  2. LOL...I have almost this SAME exact bag!!!!!!!!!Its worth every penny..I adore mine to death..It wont go on sale..I asked Prada SA and because Prada contined that logo wont go on sale like their other trendier bags
  3. Jill,

    do you know the retail? you seem to be the all knowing goddess of prada. if this bag is still in production. would it be cheaper for me to call a prada store and order it through them. if it's cheaper to do that, i'd rather do it that way. i am nowhere near a prada store and the neiman's near me doesn't carry the jacquard logo line. *pout*

  4. I would never, ever pay $1000 for a canvas bag. You can get much nicer leather bags for that kind of money. So to answer your question: No, that bag isn't worth $1000.
  5. Kodi..These bags ARE still being made..this spring they even have the leather trim in bright TDF colors...Go to show the bags well.I paid about 1000 for mine.PHH bought it for me last year as a gift.
  6. well. i love canvas bags with leather trim. very chic to me. i would just hate to be paying 1100 for a prada bag that sells for 800-900 dollars in the store. Jill, do you know the style # for this bag so if i call them i won't sound super confusing. or better yet. i could send you the money and you could buy it for me! :wlae:

  7. ITA--I love the look of the bag, but $1000 for a bag that's mostly cloth--no way.
  8. It's not a "fashion bag" rather a classic and since it's prada it probably goes on sale somewhere or is to be found on an outlet. I would say no.
  9. My sentiments exactly, Boxermom. It's a cute tote, but the price is ridiculous!
  10. yeah. i wish i could just go to a prada store. but i can't, all i know is the closest one is not very close at all. and there are very few reputable sellers online. i don't want to pay retail if i can get it from a store.. i just don't know how to get it from a store. lol, kinda sucks.

  11. You call Prada on Broadway in NY..ask for Sonia..tell her you want the LOGO JACUARD tote bag..she can send ya pics of the ones she has.she is FAB!
  12. thanks so much Jill, that sounds like the best option. woot! i'll call tomorrow.