Is this bag worth $299

  1. Is this bag worth $299 given its condition.

  2. i am not an expert but wouldnt it depend on what it retailed for? do you know?
  3. Hmmm retail only $810..I love the patina on this bag , decent condition..

    Pretty good price..

  4. If I have the right size in mind its about $890.
  5. I looked at this bag too...not in good enough condition for me to buy it. :sad:
  6. I'm picky w/ my vachetta bags. They have to be VERY VERY VERY pale or super cheap ($100 or less) for me to buy.
  7. go for it if you want. it sure is a bargain compared to the regular price. i like the aged look.
  8. hmm i think its' a bit too dark
  9. Baby wipes will clean all that dirt off.
  10. Doesn't look too bad for the price I think..not totally sure though :S
  11. Maybe at $250?
  12. Agreed, At $250 it'd be acceptable but I'm just not seeing $300 for it I guess? :confused1:
  13. I was thinking about it but vachetta is way to dark.
  14. That is a perfect price... If you don't get it, I will!!!! :lol:
  15. Bit dark for me - but if you like it you should get it!:yes:
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