Is this bag worth $145?

  1. Hi ladies, I'm looking for an awesome red patent leather bag and try as I might, the coach patent ergo is just not for me. I kinda dig satchels and structure. Anyway, I found this Maxx New York bag for 145 but I just feel like I shouldn't be paying $145 for a Maxx New York Bag. What do yall think?
  2. I like it. Looks more expansive than $145.
  3. If you like it, and can afford it, then go for it! I don't particularly love it, so I probably wouldn't pay the $145.. but if it makes you happy then you should get it!
  4. If you love it and it's in your price range that's what counts. You could also ask at the store if they think it will be going on sale soon. How many are left? If it's the last one and it;s perfect and you love it ... cha-ching
  5. I don't know if I love it. It's growing on me. I just need a red patent handbag.
  6. Sorry but I think it looks something you could pick up at the local market for $10...but if you love it it's worth your money!
  7. Awesome you should check out TJ maxx, I was there yesterday and there was a ton of really nice red and black patent bags. Very nice quality for 150 or less.
  8. Is it real patent leather? I know Maxx makes some of pvc and I'd never pay $145 for it. If it's real, it may be worth it.
  9. yes it's real patent leather.

    Sorry it looks like a 10 bag from a market. Perhaps my brow is hanging a bit low today...
  10. Have you ever had a Maxx New York bag before? Very high quality for the money. I had one that I wore for 2 years and just loved it, but outgrew it. I gave it to my girlfriend who rides bags really, really hard. Even she commented on how well it has held up. I usually end up giving my older bags to her and I am totally amazed how two people can wear the same bag differently. I'd go fo it for that money.
  11. i like it! if you love it and are going to use it a lot, then i'd say it's worth it
  12. Im not sure about the quality of Ive never had one of their bags. BUT...I LOVE that bag and would pay 145 for it in a heart beat!
  13. Agree with Queen ^^