Is This Bag Way Over The Top?!

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  1. I know this is the LV forum that's why I need some opinions beside the Gucci forum to help me think clearly. *What do you LV lovers think of this Gucci Bamboo Top Handle bag? Is it okay for a 27 yrs. old or way too over the top and dated?!


  2. I actually quite like it. Very lady like. I also like how you have the option of the longer strap. :tup: I'm not much of a monogram person, so I probably won't buy it, but if it came in an all leather version... then maybe.:smile:
  3. I think the bag is very unique.. I just wonder if the handle is comfortable after carrying it for a while.
  4. Thanks! I actually don't like most all leather bags because I find all one tone too boring.
  5. It's pretty cute...but i think will need to specially dressed in order to fit/wear this bag. For office wear, mayb is not really suitable? :biggrin:
  6. I am honestly not a fan of the bamboo hardware...
  7. I don't think it is OTT, and I don't see why it is not office appropriate..:shrugs: I like it.
  8. I have an old gucci with bamboo handle and it chipped after a while
  9. i think it's pretty ladylike too, and besides the tassels i'd give it a full thumbs up
  10. I don't think it's OTT, but the monogram version does look dated to me. I love the bag in the solid colours, though.
  11. i think the bag is great, I am sure you can rock it!
  12. I saw it at Saks the other day and it's really nice. I also liked it in all leather - the orange was amazing!
  13. I love this bag it is stunning... Now I am a Gucci Lover so I do lean towards bags like this one.. I have seen this bag IRL and it is stunning and very very well made..

    They do make it in other materials so if the issue is the GG you might want to look around...

    Either way love it..
  14. I really like it..I think it has quite a bit goin on, but in a good way:smile: