Is this bag too orange? What is a great everyday bag?

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  1. I have been debating whether to keep this Gucci horsebit boston bag in mandarin from last season for which I have the matching wallet. I think it is a good size for everyday use, and it looks classy. I also thought it may be more classic than, say, something like the spy, which is pretty trendy. I also got the bag on sale for $783, and the wallet $250. However I am beginning to wonder whether it is too orange. I have some pics below, including some pics of it next to a honey Fendi spy bag that I am selling and a coach kakhi soho bag I am also selling. What do you think? Too orange? If so, what is a great classy everyday bag that matches anything and can fit a water bottle, cardigan, etc. that is somewhat timeless and elegant & sexy? I like the spy, but I am looking for something more timeless and perhaps also more structured. Should I get the YSL muse? Thanks!





  2. P1010092.JPG


  3. I think the color is beautiful! I love warm shades like that.
  4. The style isn't so much for me, but I love the color, very warm. I like all things russet, warm brown, and brick colored, and I'm drawn to orange colors.

    It just depends on what color palette you are drawn to!
  5. I think I would prefer the color if it was a little more like the Fendi. I have been wondering however if I would not be better off with a more "IT" bag and paying a little more, like the muse. However I am beginning to find that "IT" status may not last that long anyway with any handbag!
  6. I think your bag is lovely. If you really want something different why not consider a Gucci hobo? Here is one in black but it comes in several colors. It is a classic and I'm sure it holds quite a bit.

    This Gucci is also nice.

    Here's another one.

    or this one.

    Check out
    there are a lot of nice bags to choose from. I have the Jackie bag that I use quite a lot, but it may be too small for your needs.
  7. I think it's a bit too orangy to match w/many colors. I like the 3rd and the 4th gucci Kat posted above.
  8. it's a nice bag! but if you are having doubts about the color then i would find something else you love. i really like the horsebit hobo (number 4) that kat posted.
  9. I actually do think it's more on the orange side. I do love orange - but if you wanted a camel or honey color, this would not be your bag.

    If you're having doubts, you should return it while you still can.
  10. I think it is almost the same colour as the spy but I like it much better. It's a beautiful bag and I would rather sell the spy than the gucci.
  11. IMO that color goes with everything. I have a paddy in that color (whiskey).
  12. It's not too orange. It could work!
  13. i also agree. it is more on the orangy side. perhaps challenging to match with outfits?