Is this bag too heavy?? Guide to weigh :)

  1. I have seen a lot af threads about the weigh of designerbags... I've also maked a few answers :smile: It seems importen to quite many before they buy .....

    Let us start a guide to weigh of bags !!

    Here is what is can tell ....

    LV Batignolles regular 0,4 kilo

    Mulberry Rosemary 0,8 kilo

    Hermes 30 cm Togo Birkin 1,0 kilo

    Marc Jacobs Blake 1,3 kilo
    Marc Jacobs Stam 1,5 kilo
  2. Cilifene, thank you for sharing the info with us. =)
  3. I wonder how heavy a Speedy 25 or 30 are... can anybody weigh their bags? I tried to weigh mine, but my scale is really bad.
  4. From experience, LV makes some of the lightest bags out there.
    My Speedy 25 is like carrying nothing.
  5. This should get a sticky!....alot of PFers have issues with the weight of could make or break a handbag decision! PFers can keep adding to the thread. Thank you Cilifene, for the vital info.
  6. I agree :smile: it's light as feather :yes:
  7. What's a sticky??:shame: :smile:
  8. Balenciaga makes the lightest bags ever.
  9. Yes :yes: I gess B-bags are the lightest leatherbags ....

    Balenciaga City 0,7 kilo
  10. Chloe Paddington: 2,0 kg
    Kooba Sienna: 1,2 kg
    Chloe Edit: 1,3 kg
    it's a great idea! Funny thing is that the Kooba doesn't feel that heavy on the shoulder. The straps are really comfy and they stay on.
  11. Thanks Tanja :smile: ... Your paddy sure is heavy :sad: the paddy I once had was only 1,5 kg :amazed: how many padlocks do you have on it? :graucho:;)
  12. LOL!!!! The recent Paddies are definitely lighter than Paddies from older seasons -- Chloe must be trying to save our shoulders & arms! WOW, didn't realize Paddy's heavier than Stam! What a relief for Stam owners. =)

    Canvas & Nylon bags are completely different from leather bags though.

    Cilifene, Tanja: thanks for the figures. =)
  13. Thanks bag.lover! I didn't know there was so much difference between the old and the newer ....sorry! :shame: ....Oh yes, that lock sure is heavy, I don't find Stam heavy after having a paddy :smile:

    ps: I hope my english is ok ....I know I make lot of wrong spelling :shame:
  14. Cilifene,

    Your English is fine. Thanks for the wonderful posts, please don't apologize =) You have a great sense of humor, I really enjoy reading your posts. ^_^

    Didn't know you went through some heavy bags already, I was worried that Stam would be too heavy for you at first. LOL!!!

  15. Thanks bag.lover ...I'll keep on posting then :lol:
    I thought so too about Stam and was affraid it was heavier than Blake. I feel that Blake is the limit of weigh. And as I wont use the chain (not much ;) Stam really is not a too heavy bag for mee ....
    It's funny how bags are getting bigger and bigger :smile: I would not dream of buying a bag so big 1 or 2 years ago I must have big bags ...lots of room and light lining....can't find my things in a big deep black hole :lol: