Is this bag too "guy-y"?

  1. I've been looking for a school bag for a looooooong time, and I really like this one...its the Juicy Couture Messenger Bag. Now, I ususally don't love Juicy Couture bags for myself, because I find them very trendy. I'm kinda thinking that this bag looks vintage enough and is a natural color...I want it in Fatigue. On, it's listed under the Guys you guys think it'd be a good fit for a school messenger bag, and its not too trendy? Thanks!!!

    Juicy Couture Canvas Messenger Bag - -



  2. wow... i love this bag!
  3. I love that bag. I think its perfect for school. I'd get it!
  4. Thanks for the positive responses, guys!!:yahoo: Guess I'll have to make my order soon, SA says they'll run out fast.:wtf:
  5. Perfect for school.
  6. I think it's a great school bag. I don't think it's too guy-y at all!
  7. wow, i never liked juicy couture, but this bag is acceptable.
    it's a cute postman style, i use to have this kind of bag when i was in high school and carry them a lot.
    great pick!
  8. really nice! didnt know juicy couture make such bags!
  9. Oooh very pretty! Looks like a nice school bag
  10. Like it! :yes:
  11. Much nicer than a backpack!
  12. I love it - go for it!
  13. that is an awesome bag - go for it!!
  14. oh no i wish i never saw this bag..
  15. Very cute! :heart: