Is this bag the Legacy archival zip top satchel?

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    If so, is it the black cherry? Because in this picture (which was posted on Facebook) it certainly looks a lot redder than the BC on the Coach site.

    ETA: I like this color even more than the BC, which I already liked.
  2. That sure looks like the top zip satchel. I agree it doesn't seem like Black Cherry.
    LOVE this red! But I know sometimes the colors can be very off in photos online.
    It would be great if Coach made a primary red color!
  3. I would love to know what colors this was coming in! :smile:
  4. @ unfurling: ME TOO! I was drawn to the shape when I first saw it (LOVE the sides!) but I'm not totally in love with the colors (although I *like* the BC, I don't *love* it). But wowza, this red in the Instagram photo? LOVE!
  5. I'm pretty sure that red is the black cherry. I just got the large duffle in black cherry and it looks like that.
  6. I got this bag in two colors---sunflower and BC. The inatagram photo makes the bag look a tad brighter. But in sunlight it is definitely that shade. It is a really darling bag and SO fun to carry. Hope you get one. I'll bet you'll love it!!!
  7. I LOVE that bag except for the side pockets :sad:. Gorgeous colour though :smile:!
  8. LOL. I like it because of the side pockets. I think it adds personality. But I can see how the side pockets would be a deterrent. It doesn't really hold much either.
  9. Love that bag in that color!!