IS this bag still avaliable?

  1. I borrowed a pic from the one of the girls on here, but you all get the idea..I want it with black and black patent cc's :wlae:

    thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!:graucho:
  2. picture, but it sounds like a Cambon bag. Most styles of Cambon in black with black patent CC's are still available.
  3. OOOPPPPS! LOL, I fixed that:yahoo:
  4. does anyone know for sure if this one is?
  5. Aaah--the flap--I have not seen one of those in ANY color in a long time.

    Anyone else seen a new one recently?
  6. try the Chanel number, it's great help, they found me a tote from 06 spring precious symbol tote in Dec! but had to return it due to defect.
  7. pretty much non existent unfortunately. Only tone on tone are readily available now.
  8. aww, does anyone know the chanel number? I am going to see if I can find it!