Is this bag still available?

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  1. I really like the Legacy Hippie flap #10325 but did not see it in any of the Coach stores. Does anyone know if this is still available? How old is this bag? What colors did they come in? thanks.
  2. I think if you call JAX, you might be able to phone order it. And shipping's free if you go order it at a store!
  3. Hi. They sold out at the outlets a while ago. Try Jacksonville (or eBay).
  4. JAX only has white now.. i tried trust me :sad:
  5. Darn! I can't believe I missed it at the outlets!

    Thanks for looking into it Katrynar. I'm just not wanting a white bag at the moment. :sad:
  6. i wanted the natural as well :sad:
  7. There are still a few that show up now and then on eBay - that's where I got my black one!
  9. I just got my black Hippie a few months ago - I called the main Coach number and they just had white - but I talked to a SA at a Coach store and she looked in the computer and got it for me somehow - I dont know how.
  10. :shrugs::shrugs:

  11. Someone tried to sell a bag obviously but was caught and their post was edited. It's not for us as we're only discussing bags, not attempting to sell or buy on TPF.

    Anyway, there are some that show up on eBay. You can save a search and if one pops up you'll know it. Good luck finding it, it's a cute bag! Are you interested in the new style hippie? It's really pretty in chocolate signature.
  12. i can't believe i missed those at outlets...i never found anything good at outlets anymore...