Is this bag similar to a jumbo flap?

  1. I am learning about the flap bags so bear with me. I found this while surfing through the Chanel board.

    i love this color. I think its called the Reissue 255. or 2.55 IS that right? Sorry I'm not a Chanel expert yet :shame:

    Is this the same size as thw jumbo flap bag? if so I have to have it and its going on my list

    Are these still available in stores?

  2. That is a reissue. It does come in a size comparable to the jumbo flap. That color is not likely available anymore. Each season, different colors/leathers are made.
  3. The 227 reissue size (which is called 2.55 or reissue because it is a reissue of a bag first released in Feb of 1955) is roughly the same size as the jumbo classic flap. Hope that helps.
    The bordeaux is a gorgeous color!
  4. That is exactly what I wanted to know!!! thanks

    Do they still make the Reissues in certain colors?

    Also the reissues are make from different material than the caviar, right?