Is This Bag Real??

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  1. Hi Girls! I've been wanting this bag but im not sure if its real or not. please let me know!
  2. maybe not this picture, but does chanel make this bag=)
  3. you might get more help if you post it in the chanel sub forum. sorry i cant help, im an LV addict not chanel
  4. yes.. chanel makes a very similar bag.. that particular picture doesn't look right... for one, i don't think the real macoy comes with a tag like that .. and the cc's looks like it was placed a tad too high on the bag... i'm not an expert but i've been eying this style for a while too :smile:

    your best bet it to move this to the "authenticate this" thread under "chanel shopping"... good luck!
  5. hi!

    i wonder if you gys can tell me if this bag is authentic? These are the photos taken. It was given to me by a friend. And I'm not really a fan of replicas so i wanna make sure if this one's authentic before i'd actually use it :smile:

    this is a Liz claiborne bag. I dont own one yet so I'm not familiar with their bags. I have two LV's and a coach bag though. and I love them to bits!:p

    293433_187978001279670_100002024134375_401205_675960771_n.jpg 294102_187977857946351_100002024134375_401201_1413238912_n.jpg 294648_187977904613013_100002024134375_401202_298273776_n.jpg 312834_187978111279659_100002024134375_401208_1495173015_n.jpg 317696_187977967946340_100002024134375_401204_1292133073_n.jpg
  6. Hello all, this is 70's Chanel. I have not seen in person yet but please let me know what i need to look for when I see it before purchasing it. I only have this photo.
    The seller told me that there is no card because it was a gift to her from a family member and I think in 70's there was no serial number...please let me know things that I have to check...

    thank you so much
  7. Hi and welcome!

    You could ask in this Chanel forum thread:

    (see post 1 & 2 for info and pics needed for authentication)

    Good luck.
  8. Hi I am very new to this and would like some help autheticating a Louis Vuitton Bag purchased on eBay as buy it now- They advised they beleive is real. I HOPE THIS IS THE CORRECT PLACE TO POST NOT SURE HOW THIS WORKS X

    Item Name- Louis Vuitton Speedy
    Item Number-170714024931
    Seller ID- jeni851078

    Please help me I am useless and have been after one of these bags for my holiday for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time

    Thank you Kelli xoxoxoxox
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Not open for further replies.