Is this bag nice?

  1. Need feedback b4 I buy. Its retailing at Sin$2600.

    Its in Peonia color.

    Wat abt the mini bow?
    photo1.JPG photo.JPG
  2. IMO I prefer the Coffer style. There's a thread on issues with the Bow, you might like to check on that and see if you're still okay with it ;) I just got the Coffer and I'm loving it to bits.
  3. ^^ Well, that hobo in the picture is not really Coffer, but it's similar :smile: I like both bags, I think Peonia color looks cute :love: It depends on your needs (you can probably fit a little more stuff in the hobo than in the mini bow?) and your style... I think hobo looks a little more casual while mini bow is more girly and goes well esp. with cute dresses. I'd go for the mini bow because I already have a pink bag with Miu miu metal closure and I really like mini bow in this color :smile:
  4. The pink is so nice! I could not sleep kept thinking abt it! My gosh!!
  5. well its not about issues the bow has in specific, its more the leather which is the problem
  6. I see, perhaps I got it wrong - are you referring to matellase leather that the Bow is usually made in? My friend got a Coffer in Matellase beige and she has issues with mold and has difficulty cleaning it.

    Initially I was considering a Bow as well, but after reading on the problems some Bow owners faced I wasn't sure anymore. My coffer is in Lamb.
  7. I like the Lux Shopper and the bow one. Is it very small?
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    Yep, the leather is the same for both bags in the picture :smile: - glazed, shiny calfskin (which means 'vitello lux' in Italian). I guess this type of leather has some quality issues, yes.

    But Matelasse is the name of the certain style, not leather - it means that the leather is not straight, but pleated / braided, like all the Coffers, wallets, clutches etc. in this style ;) So Matelasse doesn't have anything to do with the leather or quality issues, it's just the name of the style - it can be made from shiny calf or soft lambskin like yours :smile:. Or even denim like this one:
  9. Strawberrysweet, the two on the right is small, the last one is very small, compared to the centre one.
  10. Other then the stitch issues any comment on the color?
  11. Oh :biggrin: I gedit! lolx, feeling so silly, I always thought Matelasse meant shiny leather. :smile: You learn something everyday! Thanks Dotty :smile:
  12. The colour is fun, chic and summery! I love the colour actually!
  13. The colour is very nice. I like it alot. Now that you mentioned is very small, I don't know if I should still get it. :sad:

    For those who have mini bow, is it easy to put/take in out easily? And is it able to put more things inside?
  14. they are so pretty, the bow has some problem overtime.
  15. I have a bow.. Mb u can tell us what u want to put inside... On days when I bring my whole makeup pouch, long wallet, sunglasses, key pouch, tissue holder, it can get alittle tight in there.. On other days it can b pretty fine. It depends what u usu bring and if u r looking for a bag tat size?

    U may wan to consider the weight of both the bow n coffer too.. Bow is prob lighter.