Is this bag NEW???

  1. picture posted by RoseMary in the 'Celeb with Chanel bags' blog.

    the bag that katie holmes is holding looks so roomy, just wonder whether anyone here got his bag and whether its a double chain or just a single chain bag.


  2. I think this was the same one I saw at the Cruise trunk show. It had a zipper underneath and then the flap on top. It also came in a style without the top flap. The one that I saw was patent leather with the top flap; and lambskin without. Next to the zipper were an open compartment on either side. It had a double chain. It was really adorable. It fit comfortably on the shoulder. I would say it was more of a small size. It was deep, so it will probably hold basic essentials. Not as small as the classic looks like it will hold more. The prices were around 1795, but I don't remember exactly. So cute!
  3. Katie really likes chanel. There was a picture of her with posh and she was carrying the burgandy re-issue :love:, that is such a great bag. If I find a pic, I'll post it in the celeb thread.

    On topic, I like the shape of this bag a lot as it looks like it would defintely hold more than the classic flap. You can call the chanel 800# and try to find stores that will be getting it in and get on their list.
  4. thanks ladies for getting back to me. gosh nypersonalshopper u can work for Chanel hahaha, great info.

    Molls i live in the UK and the SA in here doesnt know half the thing we ladies do in here. i called them abt the purple 2.55 and they were like 'no no we dont have this color are u sure u've seen this before?':hysteric: :cursing:

    yes i personally think this bag will def carries more stuff than than the normal 2.55.