Is this bag made in black??

  1. Hi nenner Both the quilted and soft calf versions of the blake were made in black with gold hardware. I know you could get both through an MJ boutique. I'm not sure which of the department stores carried the blakes in black.... Maybe another tPFer will know better where these are in stock
  2. Melly ~ thank you for your links. The one from Neiman Marcus has shoulder straps, and I really want the shorter straps. I guess it comes in both versions? Shopbop has the perfect bag, however I am unfamiliar with the site. Have they had any problems with authenticity?

    Alioops, thanks for the tip on a MJ botique. I looked on the website and did not see a photo of the bag, so I did not even think to call them.

    Thank you both for your info. Do you know if it is in the current collection, or do you think it will be difficult to find? Also, are there more than one size of the bag?
  3. Shopbop is 100% authentic seller, they're a legitimate reseller of mj goods
  4. I like the Elise, also. Thanks for the info on shopbop. They have a few bags that I like.

    Another question: When did MJ stop using silver hardware and start using gold? Does anybody know if silver might be used again any time soon?
  5. Silver hardware was last made in 2005. There have been rumors about him bringing it back but that has not happened yet. The best place to find silver hardware bags are Neiman Marcus Last Call, Off 5th, and Nordstrom Rack. Another option is eBay but a very large percentage of popular styles in black, brown and olive are fake. If you do find a bag you are interested in you should post it in the --- Authenticate This MJ --- thread for us to check out. :smile:
  6. I recently purchased my Black Blake from Bloomingdales and got a great deal out of it. You can try that place.
  7. I saw a post about MJ bags going on sale ~ do the Blake bags in black go on sale, or are they part of a group that does not? Thanks for all of your answers to my questions~
  8. Black is usually considered a season less color and rarely goes on sale. Other colors are usually marked down in the summer and winter an average of 30-40% off. I should also mention that the Blake is a classic style and is in high demand. If you are hoping to grab one on sale you have to be quick. I suggest you call your SA and try to reserve one the second pre-sales are announced. Good luck!