Is this bag limited edition or still available?

  1. I love it to death!

    Source: Borrowed from Chanel Reference Library under Celebrities with their Chanel bags.
  2. It looks like what I have seen referred to as the expandable bag that is showing for this spring and summer.
  3. I actually think it's the Paris New York flap, which is sold out almost everywhere.
  4. I believe that is the Paris New York flap, I saw one last month at the Palo Alto NM..probably sold already, but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call! :smile:
    Also, the new SS '07 Expandable is very similar to that, so you could take a look at that as well. Good luck!
  5. Yeah, I haven't seen it in the store since fall 2006, but I'm sure it's still locateable. It is from the Paris New York line.
  6. they're right, it's the PNY Flap and very elusive:yes:
  7. Love that bag.
  8. The Expendable Bag in the S/S 2007 is so similar it could be the twin of the PNY you are picturing. Go to the CHANEL website and take a look---
    I know they are hard to get...but if anyone comes across one...please lmk!
    I saw the Spring Bag that is similar to this one when I was in the Boutique the other day. I was looking through their look-book! (Is that what they call it:smile:

  10. KeyKey, I am with you on this bag. I love it. I haven't managed to find one yet. I have hope though. I finally got my Long Black PNY Wallet.
  11. Oh thanks!
    Any idea how much it costs?
    I hope it comes in burgundy, I want a burgundy or brown Chanel bag for Spring so badly.
  12. I have a black PNY which happens to be my favorite, out of all my Chanels. I believe its 2450, pre-tax.
  13. I have this bag and love it. There was a picture of Charlotte Johannson holding it in burgundy but they never actually made it in that color -- it must have been a prototype.
    The new spring bag does look like a sleeker model of the pny. Check it out. There were a couple of the dark white ones on eBay in the past couple of months, so you could keep looking there too.
  14. I wanted this bag so badly.. I had an SA find one for me... But unfortunately BF would not let me get it until after XMAS... XMAS come and gone and I have forgot all about it until NOW since I read your post... Now I am going to find it again...
    isnt it GREAT !!!
    its huge though...
    NM has an all black nylon one for 1695.00..
  15. Do you know what the '07 version is called and how much it retails for?