Is this bag leather?

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  1. Seller is unsure. I see that the box says agneau but the description says it doesn't feel like leather. Is there anybody that's familiar with this kind of material/style? Thanks!

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  2. Here's another pic.

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  3. I'm no expert but it looks like fabric with some sort of lacquer or glaze coated over it. As for the style, it looks like the jumbo or XL jumbo that was made prior to the jumbo classic flap of today.

    Do you intend to buy this? I see some yellowed parts at the top of the flap, so do be aware of that. GL!
  4. Thank you for your help. I've told the seller what you said. I do like the purse but I am skeptical about the yellow stain.
  5. I would worry about the yellowish color of that bag, not sure how good it would look IRL.
  6. I'm afraid it is not leather. Leather would not have such a uniform pattern to it. It is some sort of cloth with a plastic coating, which is why the bag is yellowing as such coatings have the tendency to yellow. Think the glaze on LV vernis bags.
  7. I agree with onvacation, nothing says leather to me from those pictures. I would rethink about buying this. If you're already spending on a chanel, why get one with an unknown stain on it?