Is this bag Katie Holmes is carrying Hermes??

  1. It may not be, but can anyone help identify this bag? Is it Hermes. It has a little Hermes feel but on a shape I have never seen. So this is really a shot in the dark! Thanks all!!

  2. I'm not sure who the designer is, but I'm pretty sure it isn't Hermes; the handles seem too coarse for Hermes. Handles on their hand-held bags, even the larger ones, are finely rolled, sewn on rather than attached with rivets from what I've seen, and not so thick.
  3. Whatever The Bag Is.....It's Beautiful!!!! & Katie Looks Stunning!!!!!!!
  4. It looks kinda 'wrong' for a Hermes bag...

    EDIT - Looks like there's some sort of metal logo on the pocket
  5. I would guess its a Kate Spade or maybe a Tod's or Hogan.
  6. With that outside pocket the bag kinda has an expression 2 eyes and a frown. Can you see it?
  7. Sorry, wish I knew. Its really cute.
  8. yes :roflmfao:
  9. :upsidedown::sad::lol:
  10. Sorry megs, DH gets in at 9 tonight so no :heart: for me so I have been looking for this bag.. I was thinking Givenchy, but I can't find his current collection., I looked at Barney's, ( her haunt) NM and the new D&G collection. Can't find.
  11. I've got a couple of bigger pics of the bag:

    16229_picc_122_618lo.jpg 16236_pic4_122_1170lo.jpg

    Katie looks FAB, BTW!!!:heart::tup:
  12. I don´t think it´s H but she looks gorgeous.
  13. Balenciaga? The disk looks similar to the one on the Moon bag.
    Photo from Popsugar
  14. too bad it's not H, it's rather fetching...
  15. Now I'm obsessed.
    Ralph Lauren? Doesn't quite seem to have the same sensibilities but does have similar disk as in the Ricky.