Is This Bag In Any Stores Yet?

  1. Did anyone get in the mail the Chanel catalogue for FALL-WINTER READY TO WEAR yet? They show a fabulous bag described like this:
    Lambskin Flap bag w/ double chains.
    It looks like a white or cream colored slouchy bag.
    It retails for: $2495.00 Its gorgeous
    Has anyone seen this bag INL? Swanky, perhaps you own this bag already?????lol Its shown on the 8th page:smile: What are your thoughts?:P
  2. No, I don't have it! LOL!

    I am trying to picture it. . . can you scan the page or take a picture of it and post it?
  3. I can't scan it but I took a pic of the page, so lets see how it turned out?
  4. I can't scan but am taking a pic right now, lets see how it turns out!
  5. Is that the Coco in white leather ?
  6. From the looks of it it looks like the CoCo bag in white that everyone has been going crazy over. I don't believe it is out yet, but should soon. Its surprising that it is so much more than the leather that is 1650.00.
  7. Hi keykey! I just got that in the mail today. It's the oversized calfskin shopper with interlaced chain for 2225. style # A33378 Y04167. I was planning to get this in black, it's gorgeous!
  8. Swanky-Can you tell by this pic? This is the only one that turned out ok.
    Sorry for my ignorance but Do I need a scanner to scan the page? I am not familiar w/ scanning. Do yu hook it up to the computer? I just don't know what to do after I scan it? Does this make any sense at all?
    I feel stupid asking you this but you understand I am still learning how to work the computer. Everything I've learned on the computer I taught myself w/ help from no one. So thats my story and I'm stickin' to it. LOL Thx, Janet
  9. The pic is in my above post!
  10. Was it on the 8th page? So I know we both are talking about the same bag? Thanx everyone for helping me out! Some great bags in that book. I have just made a decision to sell my brand new Le FAB LV bag so I can get something new from Chanel for Fall. I am so much loving Chanel better than any bag out there.
  11. Do I need to be on a waiting list?
  12. I think it's from the modern chain series. Has anyone seen the actual bag and what other styles are going to be out? Is it Lambskin?
  13. Hi ladies, I saw the same bag in an advertisment in a Spore magazine and after hunting high and low and ringing the chanel boutique here in Spore and Hong Kong, I have been told that it will only reach this part of the world in October... And, yes, the SAs have told me that there is a waitlist and "so, no promises...". It might already be out in the US though....
  14. It hasn't come out yet... I'm getting it in red!!
  15. If that is the modern chain tote, I am getting it in Tan. I was told it wasn't coming out until oct and that it is calfskin with a distressed look to it. My SA didn't even have a picture to show me but he thought I would like the bag...If that is the one, he is right again!!