Is this bag hot? Balenciaga City

  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for a Balenciaga City I can buy, it will be my first Balenciaga.

    What do you think of this bag??
    It costs 1160$ its not brand new, but almost.
    bal1.JPG bal2.JPG bal3.JPG bal4.JPG
  2. definitely go get it
  3. Hi Juliesb, and welcome to TPF:smile:
    The bag sure is hot :yes:
  4. This bag is gorgeous and not easy to find. It looks like a Natural from this s/s season. go for it!
  5. Oooohhhh...that's a beautiful City! I'd definitely go for it if you think that you'd get a lot of use out of it...
  6. Its TDF!! And welcome to tPF!!
  7. Juliesb, welcome to TPF and the bbag craze. That bbag is gorgeous; I would definitely get it. It's a great first bbag since it's neutral.
  8. Is that Natural?? The color is gorgeous but it has to be babied a bit. But yeah, hot!
  9. super gorgeous, love that color - and it's more durable than the pure white, it will wear much better.
    congrats it's really H O T :tup:
  10. At that price, I'd say go for a new one.
  11. agree!
  12. I love it!
    Don't wait any minute more and get it! It's gorgeous :heart:
  13. Gorgeous bag! Perfect for the summer too!
  14. Thanks for all your sweet comment, I don't know if its too expensive? But in Denmark where I live a new Balenciaga City cost 1450$. And you can't buy them that many places, I think theres only one shop i Copenhagen thats sells Balenciaga.

    I think I'm gonna buy it...
  15. Buy it! The color is beautiful!!! :smile: