Is this bag hideous??

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  1. I'm wondering what you guys think of this bag? Is this a hideous bag or is it a "fun" bag?? I bought it for a while, but haven't use it yet. Wondering if I should ebay it. Is polka dot out already? The bag is on the heavy side because of the nickle rings. My bf thinks this bag is so ugly...LOL :lol: Wondering what you ladies think of this? Any comments will be great too! :shame:

  2. I kinda like it! Looks like it would be a good bag for summer! But if you don't use it very much I would ebay it.
  3. I don't think it is hideous at all. It looks like a fun spring/summer bag.
  4. I think it looks fun and is great for summer.. but if depends if your bf's comments grate on your nerves or not.
  5. That's last spring's Coach! I thought it was pretty cute when it came out. Not hideous at all. Who cares if polka dots are in or out? They will always be fun, flirty, adorable, and reminiscant of springtime. ::wink!::
  6. I think it is cute for summer!
  7. why do u say it is hideous? I think it looks cute and fun. It's pretty to me.
  8. That's a very cute bag! I saw one at the outlets a month or so ago and it's very fun and summery :o) However, if you do want to ebay it I've seen a lot of them on ebay selling for decent prices. So either way I'm sure you'll be happy, but my personal opinion is that you should keep it :amuse:
  9. sell it.
  10. i love it! the dots are fun/festive (esp since each dot has a diff. pattern in it), and the white is summery! and the tote is soo useful! i'd keep it! ;)
  11. Hideous? LOL.

    It's cute.
  12. I like it- one of Coach's best lines- very subtle. Use it! But if you don't they have GREAT resale value on ebay (even more than retail I think)
  13. It's cute but not my style.
  14. Hideous? Not at all. I think it's quite nice. Not too flashy or tacky.
  15. i kinda like it