Is this bag discontinued? - Chanel Kelly

  1. Do any of you know if the Chanel Kelly bag is discontinued? :crybaby: Is it still available??? Also has anybody seen one lately at any of the stores?

  2. Any suggestions.....................Have you seen a kelly bag lately???
  3. I've seen the kelly bag in both sizes in black caviar leather with silver cc lock at Chanel Bond Street a couple of weeks ago. So I imagine that it has not been discontinued as their stock turnover is pretty high.
  4. Syma: Thanks for the information. I just love the way this bag looks. It is so classy. It looks like something Audrey Hepburn would have carried.
  5. ITA with you Jarmom, It looks very classy for day and night IMO. I hope you get one! The price range if you are in the US would be $1600-$1700.
  6. no, I don't believe so either. My store had one in black last week:yes:

    if you want to call {877}634.6265, ask for Handbags, then when they answer, ask for Shannon.
    If she's unavailable, call back and ask for ext 1301.
  7. Today at SCP, I saw a black lambskin Kelly with silver CC lock. This Kelly has maroon leather lining. It's my first time seeing this lining color in lambskin Kelly.
  8. i saw it in a catalogue and asked, they said it hadn't been around for a while, but it is good news to hear it is being seen in stores! i love that handbag!
  9. The one I saw at SCP is 1795, old price. I would grab it if it's gold hardware.
  10. It's still available. I saw a black lambskin and a black caviar at Neiman's in SF--(415) 362-3900
  11. My Chanel SA and the 800 Chanel rep both told me that they are no longer producing this bag - but I know that there are still some out there. I hope that I'm wrong, but 2 different sources told me the same thing?
  12. I saw 2 of the large size at the Houston NM
  13. When did you see these at NM Houston? Friday??? TIA
  14. I saw the small one in Caviar at Chicago Neiman Marcus a couple of weeks ago ... mine is Lambskin ... I had no idea they went up so much in price tho, Yikes!
  15. I saw the 2 Kellys about a week ago at the Houston NM.