Is this bag/color okay for winter/spring?

  1. Or is the patent too fall/winter?

    Sorry...I just fell in love with this bag at the outlet!

    Also - besides the mini-skinny they made that doesn't match it (:shrugs: )..did Coach make any other accessories in this blue patent color?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I would wear it year round! You can always brighten it up with a lighter colored scarf. It looks fun! Great find :wlae:
  3. I agree with Kiara - I think it's a great color that will work any season depending on what you're wearing. I can totally picture it working with a little sundress in the summer!

    As far as the blue goes, I'm pretty sure there's nothing this year that Coach made that matched that, but perhaps someone here is aware of something in a past season.

    Either way, I love your all your things there - the gold/purple cion purse(?) is adorable!
  4. I think that bag is perfect to go from winter to spring and even summer!
  5. yep - gallery gold/purple coin purse! Almost bought the matching satchel at the outlet...but went for this tote instead.

    none of my stuff matches. heheheh...I think I kinda like it that way though! heheheh

  6. This bag makes me smile. :smile:
  7. It's definately good year round!! One of the colors that is.

    I don't know why Coach made the accessories lighter. :shrugs: I have the patent wristlet and it's the lighter color too.
  8. I use everything year round... I don't care what other people think :p
  9. If you love it carry it when you want!! What a cute find!!
  10. :nuts: ,me 2...
  11. Year round to me!
  12. may i ask what the dimensions are of this?
  13. by my crappy measurements, it's about 9x11x4.
  14. I think that color would be great year round. The reason I didn't consider it was I thought patent leather would just be another fad.
  15. How much was the patent tote?