Is this bag available?

  1. I don't know if anyone else has watched that reality show "real housewives of OC"? Well it is kind of stupid but one of the characters on the show Jo has some nice LV bags, and I was wondering if this one bag was still available that she had. It looks like a Cabo Mezzos but it doesn't have the vachetta on the bottom. I tried to look on elux and at the store but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know which bag it is and if so, if this is still available for sale?
    I want it! Thanks!!
  2. It sounds like you're talking about the Luco..those are discontinued now. I'll find a pic for you.
  3. Yes, Jo has a Luco tote.
  4. These are from eBay..
  5. joe totally has some great handbags, same with lori
  6. That's it! You guys rock, you are my LV consultants! I am too scared to buy off eBay b/c I love the new bag feeling :sad: so I will have to pray they have another bag come out like this. I love the mezzos but would rather not have the vachetta on the bottom. This is prob a good thing so I don't spend money now!
  7. Also, to tell you the truth I never really connected with the LV Speedy bag but then when I saw her wear this on the show, I thought it looked so good and now I have one and love it!!! I swear, the main reason I watch that show is just so I can see the LV!!
  8. The Vavin GM similar if you like that one!
  9. Have you tried 866 vuitton? They might be able to find one for you.
  10. The Vavin GM looks really cute!! But I would want a zip top. Thanks for the suggestion though- That is real cute. I was actually kind of relieved that it didn't have a zip top because I shouldn't buy a new bag now anyway!!
  11. Yes, it was the luco tote. I was unaware that is was discontinued. There may be some floating around so call 866vuitton, and they might be able to locate one for you. Jo does have some great bags, so far I have seen her with the luco tote, speedy 25 and white mc speedy.
  12. the vavin is to batignolles vertical,
    as luco is to batignolles horizontal.