is this bag an imitation for a brand name? and sugg. for purple bag?

  1. Ok this one site on eBay sells a bunch of style rips from kooba and I've never ordered from them before. I do not like buying imitations of anything and would rather have the real thing for a bit more money. They have this one bag:
    And I am not sure if that's a copy or not. I really love that style but don't want to buy some fake.

    I was also wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good purple bag? I was thinking of a Hayden Harnett havana but beyond that I don't know of any purple bags. Ever since starting my purse collection I'm trying to knock down colors like that and branch out but at the moment can't afford Balenciagas which has their purple bag I like! Although I do drool over them :drool: lol I'm thinking around 500 cost wise? I've never seen a balanciaga in real life so i can't really justify spending over a thousand on a bag at the moment.
  2. That auction is for a MbMk Astor Satchel imitation.

    HH has a lovely Salina Pouch in a beautiful color called amethyst which is on sale at their site now. I have two of these bags and the leather is divine, the detailing is extraordinary and the small size is deceptive as they hold lots of stuff
    HH Salina Pouch, Amethyst.JPG