Is this bag also in MONO canvas?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Is this still available?
  2. yes it was in monogram canvas but i have not seen it scince last year in may are so
  3. yes, it does come in mono canvas.
  4. ooooohhhh.......i LIKE it in mono! wasn't feeling it until now....dammit! i do NOT need another bag to lust over!!!!
  5. I LOVED that bag in monogram canvas, most stores do not have it anymore.
    Check our Marketplace, there was one for sale in there recently. Sorry, my Mommy brain prohibits me from remembering important little pieces of info, like who was selling it!
    It's the Theda in case you want to do a search for it.
  6. I saw them in MONO canvas in Toronto LV store a few weeks ago.
  7. Thanks everyone. As I plan to go to London & France in this summer, so I may try my luck there. (The LV price @ there is about 15-20% less than HK)

  8. Good luck! Hope you find the bag.
  9. I think the LV in Honolulu still has that bag. You can try to call.