Is this bag also called Madison?

  1. Photo_050107_012[1].JPG
  2. yes, it is...and also affectionately know around here as the weenus bag!:p
  3. ^^ Mick- I was just going to reply the same thing...LOL!
  4. hee hee...couldn't resist:lol: ...honestly, it's a crying shame bc i really coulda liked this bag... if they had only made the weenus part, well, not so "weenus-y" then us dirty girls would not have gotten this image.....:push:
  5. It is all maxter's and nerdie's fault. They are very bad girls...
  6. I noticed you all call it that! :lol: Thanks so much for your help! If you can help me ID the other bags in my other posts, would appreciate it.
  7. weenus!! hahaha. ROFL

    i will never look at this bag the same way again...
  8. I agree! It stops me from buying this one. HAHA!:roflmfao:
  9. ^ lol, me too. :lol:
  10. I do believe, my dear, that you were involved too!

    PS. Isn't there a member of tPF who is collecting weenuses in every color?! LOL

    And just to defend myself, Nerdphanie mentioned the similarity and, uh, shape. I just named it. I have to say though - it stuck!
  11. That's really funny
  12. What was Karl thinking about when he made this, do you think?
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    This weenus is decorated with a chain. Maybe we don't want to know what he was really thinking.