Is this bag a replica or inspired by anything??

  1. I think this bag on Lush Fashions is really cute, but I don't know if it is inspired by a designer bag. I don't want it if its an inspired or replica-ish bag. I just want it to be original...for everyday use.
    Any help would be great=)
  2. That is a replica of the Chloe "Bay" is a pic:
    LiLo Bay.jpg
  3. I think it is. I just saw a lady at the store carrying that purse and she said it was a Chloe.
  4. Ditto. Can tell by the droopy zippers.
  5. yeah, this page sells fakes...
  6. Chole it is. Knew when I first saw the zippers. :push:
  7. that is replica handbag .i am sure .. i know that . here also i can got the black color for u if u wnaan .. i can post here .. :smile:

    BTW i come from china .guangzhou
  8. edsbgrl- you could tell by the ZIPPERS!?!? you're good!

    what is up with brandswithclass? is this a counterfeit seller?

    it's a cute bag, but the real one actually looks even better!
  9. That site it FAMOUS for purse rip off designs. Get the chloe instead!!!