Is this bag a knockoff of something?

  1. Hello, I'm just browsing the net for small bags and I came across this-- not designer or anything:


    Is it a direct knockoff of anything? I don't want to carry around a fake bag. I think a lot of non-designer bags are similar to designer bags and it's so hard to find just a regular bag to run around in that's not a knockoff of something.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Knockoffs and inspired bags are 2 different things. Knockoffs claim to be the real thing while inspired looks like is similar to the real thing.

    I don't know if that's an inspired bag but hopefully someone else here can. =)
  3. That's very true-- Inspired in this case. Sorry about that!

    It's a very cute bag... I hope it's not too closely inspired to something; I'd like to grab it just for a cute black bag. I'm having trouble finding even a designer black bag that's small like this in black which I like just to run around in.
  4. It's a cute black tote. It does look a little bit like Coach "Soho" totes, but I think you'd be okay with it because it's not an exact copy.
  5. inspired is legal, so as long as it doesn't bear a designers name.
  6. I agree it looks very inspired by Coach, but I don't think it's a knockoff.
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