Is this bag a classic?

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  1. Will It be dated in 5 years? Your opinion please!
    Image 1.jpg
  2. It's beautiful!! Get it!!
  3. IS this the metallic anthracite? It looks silvery from the picture..
  4. Very nice!
  5. Bals are classic for sure...I'm not a fan of the velo however. City is the classic bal style bal...not to say the other styles aren't, but it is like Speedy to LV, the saffiano luxe totes to Prada. I think you get my point.
  6. Lovely colour! I don't think this will go out of style and it's super functional if you carry a lot!
  7. I just bought a Bal Velo. I think it will be a classic bag. To me a handbag it what you make it. If you love it that's what matters! When I bought it I was unsure but putting it on and walking around I fell in love with it! The SA put it simply "you're with your bag more than your husband". I laughed, my hubby's always with me because I carry his my new Velo! Plus it's black!

    Go for it!

  8. I love the way your SA put it. I see my hubby only on weekend coz of all the commuting issue. I definitely spend more time with my bags more than him. :smile:
  9. i think it's definitely a classic bag
  10. Yes!
  11. It is a classic bag. I love the Velo style. It is very spacious and can be worn as a purse. Many times I detach the strap and it feels better without it hanging since it's too long. I don't much like metallic colors though, I have seen that the sparkle goes after a while. Otherwise I would get it if it were in a nice price, if not I would prefer a new one.
  12. I would love that bag probably to the day I die if it was mine. Yes, I would say it is a classic. Since it is black and doesn't have logos on it it doesn't scream "bag trends of 2012" either.
  13. I agree with YOYO...The City is THE classic Balenciaga bag but the RH and tassels are classic Balenciaga too. Velo won't be dated in 5 years. It has only recently been introduced and isn't mainstream enough to date itself. It looks like argent...Is it? If so, argent is a beautiful metallic and will go with so much. Velo's bigger size will make her so practical. I hope you love wearing her for many years to come.