Is this bad????

  1. I'm a bit torn between whether this is my lucky day or if I'm just being dishonest.

    I went to LV to buy a damier long tango
    and it came out to over $600.
    I had $400 in cash and was going to pay the rest on credit.
    Driving home,
    I I realized the SA rang me up as paid $500 in cash and the rest on my card. He miscounted the money.

    Should I go back and pay the rest of the $100? I'm feeling guilty. Or is this just my lucky day???
  2. Go back. You will clear your mind in the long run.
  3. Hmmm are you sure you didn't have $100 that stuck to the others? Sometimes that happens to me I think that I didn't give the cashier enough and they recount and there is a hidden bill... Guess you can call and tell them what happened and to give you a call if the drawer shows up short?
  4. go back, it may have to come out of his pocket.

  5. agree :yes:
  6. I hate cliches, but honesty is the best policy. I would go back for sure.
  7. The truth will set you free and you won't have that guilt buried deep inside you. ;)
  8. I'm the type of person where if I shortchange a nickel I go back and pay, so my vote is for go back! However, it really is their problem and not yours, I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it was his job to charge you the right amount and he messed up. You're there to hand over money and get your item, they're there to tell you how much to hand over. but the moral thing to do and the thing that will give you the better feeling will be to pay the difference!
  9. I would definitely go back, I'm a strong believer in Karma, and it'll come back in good. :yes:
  10. I would ask them if on that day they were $100 short and if so pay them as I also feel what goes around comes around.
  11. what goes around comes back honest.
  12. :yes:
  13. I agree- I would call and questrion if they came out 100.00 short, maybe like the other posters said-you had $100 stuck together. But, call them in case they were short
  14. Part of me wants to say it's their loss but I agree with everyone else - go back and clear it up. You will feel better about it.
  15. I wonder if the cashier has to pay up out of their own pockets in these situations......

    I'll just say, do what you think is right. Not my place to tell you what to do.