Is this bad or what?

  1. So if you've been following the thread

    you'll see that a bunch of us are motivated to gett back into shape. Myself included. So this week I went to the gym twice and did about 45 min cardio. But honestly, it was a little boring because I didn't bring any music player (last used maybe 2-3 years ago) and the TV was on mute with closed captioning. I actually was running so reading trashy magazines was out, too.

    So I found my Sony yellow waterproof walkman and was planning to stop by Rite Aid tomorrow morning (after the graveyard shift) to get some AA batteries ... when I spoke to my nerdy tech brother. He was like :wtf: you want to get your butt kicked bringing that into the gym???

    So apparently there are Zunes(?), Ipods, MP3 players (now are they three completely different types of players, how do you decide??) that "normal" people take to the gym. :supacool: He said NOBODY brings a walkman anymore. :shrugs:

    DH wanted to get me one an iPod a few years ago and I said no. I don't understand the concept of buying music players for hundreds of dollars only to spend more money getting music and then not even getting radio access:cursing:?? I have yet, to this day, listen to an MP3 player... and I'm 33 years old. Is this bad or what?

    Million dollar question... am I going to brave the gym with my fresh (and pale, no bikini lines) fat butt with my Sony yellow walkman? OOOHHH YEAHHHHHH.:biguns:

    If I don't post a follow-up, send someone to the parking lot to look for me.:search::search:
  2. Hey as far as I am concerned you can carry a 8 track tape deck as long as you are moving your body and feeling good about it!!!
  3. I wouldn't worry about it. I too still have my Walkman. The only reason I got a SanDisk mp3 player is that I want a nice mix of music and it was less then $30 on

    Most of my stuff is still in cassette form. You can get mp3 players with a radio. I got one for my hubby last year was $40 with 1GB and radio. He really likes the radio part.

    I plan to just load songs from our CD collection for now on to the mp3 player. The nice thing about a mp3 is that you don't have to worry about it eating tapes and your movement doesn't affect the sound.
  4. I'm sorta with your brother, it's not about how outdated a walkman is. I just really feel that it's easier to work out with something that's a lot smaller, plus you get to change the tracks and etc in case a song you dont want to listen to comes up.
  5. I doubt anyone would even notice that you have a Walkman. They're there to work out, not compare gadgets.
  6. I agree. Honestly, it's gym, right? Please don't tell me it's one of those places where all the women wear makeup and cute little matchy-matchy outfits and their hair is coiffed and they spend most of their time making eyes at the men! I hate gyms like that.

    I use a Walkman and I'm proud of it! Furthermore, I make my own mix tapes of songs that motivate me to run---you know, "Mony Mony" by Billy Idol, "We Got the Beat" by the Go-Gos...stuff like that!:wlae:
  7. No, it's not one of "those" gyms. I'm in the midwest (for DH's work) and my brother is in Los Angeles (near West Hollywood). So in a way, I see where he is coming from.
    But no, it's a gym only for my company's employees, so nobody prances around to show off or anything. I have been to those gyms, and they are annoying.

    And I'm pretty sure there's a mixed tape of songs in there too. I can only imagine what's on it :jammin:.

    And I usually put the walkman into a waist/fanny pack that I tie onto the treadmill, so that it's entirely off my body. Yeah, it can be clunky.
  8. lol I love the conversation you had with your brother! I could care less if someone brought that into the gym, although in all honesty, you don't really see that much. Like someone else mentioned, you can buy mp3 players fairly cheap and then put hundreds of songs on it. So there is more selection and it is less clunky. I would go for it! I put mine in a strap around my arm and it's lightweight and convenient.
  9. I got myself an IPOD MINI to work out with..I like it better than a walkman as its so tiny and liteweight.U may actually want to consider one!They are much easier to use and lug around when u work out!
  10. LOL... no!! I don't think you're going to get voted off the island for having a walkman...

    I know exactly what you mean though... I don't have any sort of music device either. (The last gym I went to have the plug in thing for earphones, so I didn't have to worry about it.) And I'm thinking of picking up something cheap as well...

    And especially if you're going to the company gym - I don't think it will be an issue!! So get your mix tapes together my dear!! And let us know how it goes!! :graucho:
  11. I totally agree that you should feel free to use the old walkman.

    HOWEVER, in defense of the iPod, you can get your music that you already have onto it, if you own CDs, you can take the music from the CD and put it onto the computer, and then from the computer move your music onto the iPOD. So you don't necessarily have to buy all new music if you already have a collection of CDs.

    You can store up to thousands of songs on your tiny little iPod.

    You can also listen to podcasts on the iPod, which you can download for free online. So this is like listening to the radio. For instance, a lot of great NPR shows have their own podcasts now, including "This American Life" and "Fresh Air"!
  12. Well, I went to the gym today and TOTALLY forgot about my walkman. Oh well. Somehow I survived 45 minutes on the treadmill :wtf: without going crazy at the end.:confused1:

    I'm thinking about an iPod, or a mini. My brother recommends the Zune?

    I just don't want to stomach a few hundred dollars for this. yeah, I know, 1K for a bag is okay, but this...

    I can't transfer a lot of my music because a lot of it is stilll on cassettes. :tup: Might be just too much hassle for me...

    I'll just start carrying conversations with myself next tim eat the gym with my walkman.
  13. I work out with my iPod nano and I LOVE it! It keeps me motivated! An iPod is a great investment...... I use mine every single day!
  14. Seriously, I go to the gym a couple times a week and I never notice what anyone else is using for music. If you want to bring your walkman to the gym, go ahead.
  15. Aw. No worries.
    I was sporting my cd walkman for awhile at the gym, but I broke down and purchased an ipod because the walkman kept skipping when I was on the treadmill!
    Like others have posted, the ipod is so small and light weight and is great for workouts IMO. I got the lest expensive one possible, the shuffle. It's so cute and small and pink. It "only" holds 200 songs my daughter says, but that more than enough for me!