is this authentic?

  1. hello? :sad:
  2. Well, the bag looks good to me... I think the auction is a bit deceiving because the seller does not sell many bags, so it is worded a little funny and not photographed too well. Seller feedback is good, and there are no negs that imply a misrepresentation of goods (But, there is also nothing that completely convinces me that the seller knows they have an authentic Kooba). If I were going to buy this bag, I would request a close-up pic of the inside zipper pull and I would also ask the seller if a refund would be given for authenticity issues. Also, I don't think the Sarah style is too mainstream so it probably isn't faked much. ???

    Fellow citizens of the Kooba Kingdom, correct me if I'm wrong...
  3. Looks real enough. Like Kooba Lover said, I'd get a side view of the inner zipper. I saw alot of Fake Mia bags but I don't think they bothered with the Sarahs. The bag never seemed to take off. It's a strange bag. A bit heavy and narrow so even though it's big, you'll have to pile things on top of eachother rather than having them fall to the bottom.
  4. it looks real to me as well...if you feel antsy about it, i agree with getting some more pictures...
  5. Thanks - I'll ask for photos. I didn't realize the Sarah wasn't popular. I really want a Kooba but I can't afford much more than that....
  6. zipper pull on Sarah
  7. the zipper looks like it goes fr skinny to fat from one end to the other to me, which is a sign that it's likely to be authentic.
  8. Zipper looks good. Good luck. You might love the Sarah. I didn't mean to imply that it was bad in any way. I just remember seeing them on huge discounts soon after the season was over. I almost picked one up but got a Mia instead. That was a bad mistake on my part. It was very heavy and would not stay on my shoulder. I ended up selling it.
  9. Question on fit of Sarah bag - thanks for the advice BTW. I think you saying that because it doesn't look as if it opens very wide, that it doesn't hold a lot? I hold a lot of junk :smile: