Is this authentic?

  1. no way. . . mine looks nothing like that!

  2. What the deuce??
  3. My only worry is that I'll get it, and find out they included other stuff in there, like a craving for pickles or an obsession w/ Menudo...
  4. Looks nothing like my naughty bag filled with negative thoughts! :smile:
  5. I'll take two of them!
  6. holy insanity batman... wtf?
  7. I'd want a good look at the lining to be certain.
  8. Yes, any way we can get a better pic of the logo to make sure?:roflmfao:
  9. Oh definitely. I hope you get it! It's such a deal! Wish they had a Buy it now!.... what in the name of God is it & why is it so expensive??????? I think maybe they smoked whatever was in it before listing it! BIZARRE!!!

    :noggin: :noggin: :noggin:
  10. What is it? Who makes it?Im sure I could make that! A bag for positive thoughts eh? Surely your brain is a better place to keep them?:shrugs:
  11. :wondering
  12. Auction is nearly over and no bids!!! Does he pay listing fees if it doesn't sell?
  13. Hmmm...a million dollars for unlimited positive thoughts? To paraphrase C. Montgomery Burns, "I'd be happier with the (million) dollar(s)!"