Is this auction mislabeled??

  1. I saw this eBay auction for a "Passy PM" but I'm pretty sure its the GM. Also, aren't the two options technically "Passy GM" and just "Passy"? The dimensions listed are clearly for the larger one and visually you can tell its the larger one because the handles are so much more substantial. I emailed the seller and he denies its mislabeled. I don't really care if its mislabeled or not, I just want to know what I'd be getting. Help would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes this is indeed the Passy GM, you are correct :yes: .
    I think the seller is mistaken here, these isoldit sellers don't really know much about the bags they sell. They just get them from customers, sell them and get their share of the sale proceeds. KWIM?
  3. Yeah, it is a GM.
  4. Yes definitely a GM!
  5. Thanks everyone. Yea the isoldit guy was pretty adament since he had it authenticated with mypoupette and everything. I guess hes just uninformed.