Is This Auction Legit? A verification thread. Useful?


Dec 29, 2006
I realize I'm an absolute newbie; in reading the forums I'm seeing many many people who're confused and wary of bidding on auctions they think may be scams. Mind you I'm not talking about authentic vs. fake items, but out and out never-send-you-anything scam auctions. I'm quite experienced at sniffing out a bad seller (have been burned 4 times in 7 years on Ebay, twice I knew I was running a risk, the other two the seller simply never performed and disappeared. Total loss has been $750, $500 of which I KNEW I might lose out on.) and have seen many many seemingly legit auctions that later turned out to be scams. My feedback is currently over 800 and I've bought and sold items from watches to diamonds to cars with values running as high as $75,000.

So, would it be helpful to have a thread where folks who're wondering if an auction (or even a bidder, for inexperienced sellers) might be legit can have someone with more experience take a look? I'd be happy to do so for anyone in need. Obviously, no warranty or guarantees expressed or implied. Seems ludicrus to need to say that but in today's litigious society it's a necessity.


Jan 6, 2006
I think we already do this fairly well here. There are many of us who have been selling/buying on ebay for many years and collectively, if anyone has a question or concern about auctions, everyone does what they can to help shed some light.
Also, in addition, there are authentication threads on individual Bag forums.
It's hard being new to "today's Ebay" that can be very scary. My advice for anyone new to ebay would be to not impulsively buy anything! Do your homework on what you are buying and know that you can't get something for nothing in today's world. I think if people took this last statement to heart, there would be alot less ebay problems.