Is this auction for an authentic Chloe

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  1. Hi abowron, I'd be skeptical with such a low asking price. There's also negative feedback from a very reputable eBayer (leshent) about a bag being fake.

    Post this in the Authenticate This sticky at the top of this sub-forum for others to check out.
  2. From the pictures it looks real and the seller is the PF member who I got one of my paddies from.
  3. Abowran,

    If you post this in the "authenticate this" thread you might get more responses. Two things trigger a warning sign for me. 1) Starting price is too low and 2) Why isn't there a full image shot?

    Also, you need more photos of the bag.
  4. it looks real to me. the fake chocos don't have that red hue to them that the real ones do, and the spring 06 have the dark lining like this. I think it's real.
  5. I actually posted a full shot of that bag in the Authenticate This thread, to compare it to a choco paddy that was fake.
    I was considering buying it as well, but I'm now holding out for a b-bag.

    Here's a full shot of that particular bag
  6. hi - its my bag, yes its real. I had a bit of trouble with re sizing the pics!
  7. missbradshaw!!! Why the low starting price? :wtf: Don't succumb to Ebay's summer slump. Your bag is too beautiful for you to lowball it!!
  8. I just cant sell it so thought I would start it seems to be the only way to get people bidding!
  9. also let me explain about the neg feedback from Leshent....I bought an LV bag on ebay and took it to LV and they said it was authentic. Leshent then bought it from me and sold it on to another girl, who said MyPoupette said it wasn't authentic.
  10. missbradshaw, it pains me to see you start so low. :crybaby:

    If it was logical to own two chocolate paddies I would totally save your chocolate paddy. At least put a reserve? lol.
  11. That's what I thought too. I'm ready to go in and get that baby!!

    No reserve scares the hell out of me when I'm selling.
    Maybe now you'll get some action though. Sometimes it's those low auctions that get people into bidding wars :yes:
    Nothing like some PR on the PF ;)
  12. I have a BIN offer on it from a seller in the UK via cheque payment so I think I will go for that....I want to buy a tan so badly!
  13. missbradshaw, are you the seller of the bag? (sorry i got confused in this thread...:huh: )
  14. also what's a BIN offer?
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