is this anyone here?

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  1. Now that's some love....
  2. what you doing looking on CL missed connections?:roflmfao::thinking:

    just kidding....
  3. Cute... I hope she's really one of us.
  4. Oh my gosh, thats so cute!!
  5. I'm dying to know who it is! Too cute!
  6. Awww... so cute. I can only think of 2 Michelle's on here and one is in CA.
  7. hey, the guy knows how to identify a designer shoe brands....he might be something special
  8. Well, he didn't exactly tell us what kind of shoes she had on. That may have helped, we could have steered him in the right direction. LOL

    Damn it! I bet he will not let the next female get away!

    Speak up, dudes!!
  9. so embarassing- always looking to see if someone is looking for me. but they never are. it's an old habit from back in the day where people used to post these sorts of things on the back page of the village voice.
  10. i love that the SA knew her by name! lol. then again the SA I use (or used to- haven't been there in a while) knows my name too (I think).
  11. how sweet that. real :heart:.
  12. My SA definitely knows my name, email address phone number, mom name, blood type, etc. Maybe he sound go back to the SA and ask when she shops there, and how often. Would that be stalking?
  13. awwwwwww thats too sweet
  14. That is so so cute! I wonder if they will connect? :heart: