Is this Anthracite Day supposed to look THIS blue?

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  1. This is my mother's Anthracite Day. She absolutely loves it but doesn't know if she would keep it if I wind up getting the Plomb Day with SGH. She said I could borrow it if she does keep it but I keep thinking this particular one looks way too blue, and I'm not that big of a blue lover.

    Anyway what do you think? I also took a comparison photo of Black, Plomb and Anthracite. It looks so blue in that photo.

  2. I think it represents anthracite. Don't forget its a changing colour and I've seen many anthra bags differ from one to the other colour wise.

    Are these flash pics? I find pics without often give the truest indication of a colour but like I said, anthra's vary, some more blue, more grey, more green even.
  3. I had an anthracite day and sent it back. The handle had a flaw. It was just like your Mom's- really blue. To blue for me!!!! I have the money in anthracite and it isnt anywhere near as blue- I think this colors really varys alot.
  4. I think it's really really pretty :tender: The undertones are what make anthracite so pretty IMO. But only keep it if you (and she) love it!
  5. I love that color... very pretty combo too... adds a lil :huh:Oph to it. ;)
  6. my anthra day mostly looks blue, but it also can look black or green depending on the light. I find it to be neutral and goes with everything black goes with! All three colors are great and if I had all three in front of me, would be very very hard to choose!:p
  7. My anthracite Twiggy was a distinctive slate blue. Like a dusty blue. I rarely saw anything but a gray-blue in it -- no green whatsoever. (unless it was indoor lighting in the nighttime, in which case it looked dark green)

    Yes, it's a very bluish bag!
  8. Star I love the color of your antraday. It's the perfect color for antracite. I love that color the best!! My antracity shows some greenish color. But yours.. is TDF
  9. I categorize anthra as a blue, not a gray, so I think that pic's representative. It's a dark, muddy blue (my favorite, BTW).
  10. I love the color of your anthracite and would love a bag like that with regular hardware. But you're the one who has to love it.
  11. I am a big anthracite fan. I agree it falls into blue catagory. I think your mom's anthracite Day with GGH is gorgeous!
  12. I love it! It looks great with the GGH!!!

    Anthra really seems to vary. Honestly, these pics are some of my fav pics of the color - i think this one is amazing. if all anthra's looked like that i'd prob get one!~!
  13. We are returning this bag tomorrow. I really wasn't thrilled with it and I think my mother is just gonna keep the Black Brief so we don't need so many GH's.
  14. i think it looks lovely!
  15. My anthra is very steel blue looking too and I was hoping for some green/teal in it but if you don't love it and returning it is an option I would do it...