Is this an older style Chelsea bag?

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  1. Has anyone seen this style before? It's called the "Leather Shoulder Bag." I've always been a big fan of the Chelsea bags and I absolutely love the size of this one. I have only seen this in the hobo and demi styles - never a shoulder bag. I've never seen this before and I am hoping this is something new at the outlets, rather than something old that I'll never see again. Thanks!

  2. I just noticed that there is a P at the end of the number in the creed - that means "pilot" right?
  3. It's a really pretty bag - nice color, but the price seems kinda high for a Chelsea on Ebay - IMHO.
  4. ^I agree - I think the price is way high.
  5. it's about 3 or 4 years old

    the price is REALLY high, they were all over the outlets last summer

    great color though
  6. Hi, the date code is 07, the P is for a pilot bag, usually released early in selected store to see how they will sell.
  7. Maybe this is from the New Chelsea line, for the fall. Hopefully Sprinkles will see this and be better inform than me !!!
    Love the color !
  8. Thanks for pointing that out - I didn't think to check the date code. I'd love to find this bag in black and I am hoping that it makes it past the pilot stage. :yes:
  9. if its an 07, they must be releasing a new line of chelseas for fall (yay!)
  10. Hi ! Yes, I think it was mentioned about the New Chelsea line. My SA also said she'd seen a couple but she mentioned Nubuck .
    I can't wait to see them, the Pebbled Leather is indestructable !
    Wonder what colors they'll be doing?
    Yummy !